Why I Love to Sleep with an Eye Mask


At a recent visit to a Day Spa, my treatment included a lovely eye mask. This mask was infused with lavender and made me feel very relaxed. As a person who struggles to stay asleep at night, a friend encouraged me to purchase my own eye mask.

A quick google search and I found the perfect eye mask at Peter Alexander. Off to the shops the next day I went and purchased my eye mask.  I couldn’t wait to put my mask on and have an afternoon nap to test it out.

I really love sleeping in my eye mask and here are my reasons why:

  • I feel very relaxed when I put my eye mask on;
  • my mind instantly feels calm and my stress levels reduce;
  • I can block out the light in my room and get to sleep faster and have a nap during the day;
  • I can spray my eye mask with my lavender oil;
  • I stay asleep longer during the night;
  • it feels nice and comfortable on my eye lids; and
  • it looks cool

I am very pleased with my improved sleep pattern and I am happy to have shared with you the therapeutic benefits of sleeping with an eye mask.


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