My Aunty’s Walnut Tree

On a recent visit to my Aunty and Uncle, I watched with enthusiasm as my Aunty sat at her kitchen table cracking walnuts. What a mess it made and my Uncle was quick to sweep the floor to remove the walnut shells.

I questioned my Aunty on the walnuts and discovered the walnuts were from her walnut tree and the cracked walnuts were for our salad for that night’s dinner – keep a look out for this salad recipe in a future post.

The next day my Uncle took my Mum and I on a tour of their garden to show us the walnut tree and other trees in their garden such as pear, peach, plum and pecan nut.

Walnuts are supposed to be richer than most other nuts in polyunsaturated fats. Health benefits of walnuts include reducing cholesterol levels and improving brain health. Upon returning home from my recent visit with my Aunty and Uncle, I purchased a big bag of walnuts and I look forward to adding them to my recipes.

A big thank you to my Aunty and Uncle for introducing me to the world of walnuts!


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