Why I Love to Stay at Rydges Port Macquarie, NSW

Port Macquarie, a picturesque seaside town on the North Coast of NSW. It is located 400km North of Sydney and 510km South of Brisbane.

Here are my reasons why I love to stay at Rydges Port Macquarie, NSW:

  1. Central location to all amenities and beach

When I travel I always like to stay within walking distance to all amenities and beaches. Rydges is located next to the Hastings River and is within walking distance to shops, bars and restaurants.

2. Friendliness and cleanliness

I have been fortunate to stay at Rydges many times and the rooms have always been clean and all staff helpful and friendly.


3.  Fishing

As Rydges is located next to the Hastings River it is the perfect spot for fishing whether on the Pier or the rock wall.


4. Walking options

There are many walking options leading to pretty beaches and picturesque spots to take the “perfect photo shot”. There are also beautiful painted rocks with messages which are well worth reading.


5. Restaurants and Cafes

There are many restaurants and cafes at Port Macquarie catering for all. One of my favourite places would be the Pancake Place and the decor is brightly coloured with a tropical bird theme. I love to eat my pancakes stacked, with berries and served warm.  Pancake Place ticked all those boxes.

6. Chinese Junk,  Wave Rider

If you are a water enthusiast there are some great options such as Chinese Junk and Wave Rider.

7. Pool

After a busy day of walking, shopping and eating there is nothing better than a swim in the lovely pool at Rydges.


Port Macquarie, a lovely place to visit for a short break from Sydney or Brisbane and I looking forward to my next visit.


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