Get Fit in 2017 with your Fitbit Blaze

Is one of your New Years Resolutions to get fit? Then why not think about getting a Fitbit to help you with achieving your resolution.  

Since I first put my Fitbit on last year, I noticed how little steps I was walking per day in my desk job. Seeing your daily steps on your wrist motivates you to get up and move to reach or exceed your daily step goal, and over the past couple of weeks my daily steps have been slowly increasing. The recommended daily steps is 10,000, but you can modify the number to suit your fitness level.

A new feature in the Fitbit Blaze is the reminder to walk, if you have not taken 250 steps in an hour. This is great because sometimes you can be stuck at your desk all day long and forget to get up. With this reminder, it motivates you to get up and reach your 250 steps for the hour.

The Fitbit Blaze also monitors your sleep activity if you choose to wear it to bed. It is able to monitor how long you sleep for and also the minutes you were awake or restless. Although a little uncomfortable at first wearing the Fitbit to bed, you soon get used to it.

The Fitbit syncs to an App on your smartphone via Bluetooth throughout the day and allows you to monitor your steps, calories burned, resting heart rate, distance walked, floors climbed and much more. Logging onto the website opens up many more features where you can chart your results in graphs and record your food and water intake.

If you have friends or family with Fitbit’s then you can add them as friends and compare your progress or start a challenge such as the ‘Workweek Hustle’, where you see who can take the most steps in a work week.

The battery in the Fitbit Blaze lasts approximately 5 days. When it requires charging, it sends a notification to your phone and email to let you know it it time to recharge. A recharge takes about 2 hours.

If you are keen on tracking your weight then the perfect match to the Fitbit is the Fitbit Aria scales. The Aria scales allow you to sync via your home wifi network to your Fitbit and also calculates your body fat percentage and your BMI.

Not only a stylish watch, I have found my Fitbit Blaze motivating to move more and I can’t wait to see how much I improve this year.


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