Spring Clean Your Garden

With Spring already half way through, have you started your Spring Cleaning?

An area of your home that can often be missed whilst Spring Cleaning is your garden. It is the perfect time to give your yard a tidy up in preparation for spending the longer evenings in your garden.

I have spent the last couple of weekends Spring Cleaning my garden and here are some of the tasks undertaken:

  • clean the pot plants
  • replace some old, overgrown plants with bright and colourful new ones
  • fertilise the plants
  • place top soil and fertiliser on the lawn to promote a healthy green growth in the coming weeks
  • clean the outside windows, screens doors and lighting
  • remove cobwebs from the patio/pergola
  • replace the barbecue cover



In addition to the above jobs, we also used our tax refunds this year to tile the patio area. As you can see, it was a concrete painted slab and the paint was peeling off. The new tiling has made the area feel so much more spacious and luxurious.


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