DIY Take Away

Most of you know that I am an Aldi lover! With two young kids and a husband who works late, I don’t always have time to make dinner! We already do take away on the weekends so mid week isn’t really an option.

I recently discovered Aldi’s ME’N’U Indian in the fridge section of Aldi. At the time I was already enjoying Aldi’s Indian cooking jars with some instant rice and buying my meat separately. One day I decided to give these a try for when I was really on the go and pushed for time.

I have tried the Butter Chicken and Massaman Beef varieties, both $4.99 each and both delicious. You can usually pick these up with at least a week before the use by date, so they can sit in the fridge until you need them. It takes only 2.5 minutes in the microwave to prepare and is quick and easy! You just heat and serve.

I also buy the ME’N’U Garlic Naan Bread from the fridge section to accompany these. The Naan bread can be prepared quickly in the microwave or oven. I prefer the oven, both taking a moment to prepare – 2 minutes in the oven or 30 seconds in the microwave. Today I added some baby spinach to my butter chicken, pictured with the garlic naan bread.


It definitely doesn’t look like it came out of a container on the plate, and costs a fraction of the price with the same convenience of take away!


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