5 Things I Love In My Garden

The first thing I love in my garden is my garden statue Harry! Harry and I go way back and we have been through many house moves together and as they say a change in house is as good as a holiday! Harry brightens my day every time I walk in my garden. Whilst I have always adored ‘Harry’, unfortunately not everyone feels the same way. I have had Harry for over 15 years and I look forward to many more years together.

My second favourite item was given to me as a Christmas present from a very dear friend.  It hangs outside my kitchen window, next to Harry, and has prime position to admire while doing the dishes. It looks really pretty on a warm summer night with the candle lit as we enjoy a barbeque.

My Secret Garden spade is my third favourite item. I found this item in a unique gift shop and thought it would be perfect hanging from a wall in my garden.

A Staghorn Fern makes a special addition to my garden and is my fourth favourite item. Having purchased the Fern very small, over 15 years ago, it has grown in size thanks largely to my Mum’s care who is often seen feeding my Fern with a banana peel!

Coming in last but not least is my Garden Wall Art.  My collection of Garden Wall Art has come about primarily as it is the “go to gift” my family gifts me for special occasions.


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