A change is as good as a holiday…

This Busy Mum has been away for a while, and boy has she been very very busy!

After spontaneously buying a new home, selling a home and moving house, I finally feel settled in. They say when you buy a new house you should get a feeling instantly about whether you can see yourself living there. That is exactly how my husband and I felt when we stepped into our new home.img_1865

We had an extended settlement period on our purchase to allow us to sell our home, so 14 weeks later we finally moved!

Buying and selling are supposed to be some of the most stressful activities you will do in your life and we did them simultaneously, with a 2 year old and a baby! I am relieved now it is over. There is so much work involved in packing up a house as well as emotion. I was so sad to leave my current home and neighbourhood and at the same time so excited to embark on our new adventure.

img_1867I had a whole 14 weeks to doubt whether we had made the right decision! I can remember driving past our new home frequently to show my 2 year old his new house and have a sticky beak. It is on a quiet culdesac so I must have appeared very excited to our new neighbours! It paid off though as I think our 2 year old was less anxious about the move than us and he knew it was his new house instantly!

img_1860I have a bit of an obsessive personality so I spent a lot of time prior to moving imagining where I would put my furniture and pictures and how I could set up our new playroom. I had actually never moved to an established house before, only brand new, so I was trying to think of ways to make the house our own and put my mark on it. Later I will share tips on easy and cost efficient ways to achieve this.I was also interested in how I could create spaces for our family to enjoy. We had moved from one open plan living area to having multiple areas.

img_1866One of my favourite spaces in our new home is the verandah out the front. Our street is very quiet and we have a beautiful view to watch the sunset. I created an inviting area for our family to unwind with an outdoor setting, some outdoor pillows and a few inexpensive pieces of home decor. I can’t wait to enjoy this space! It also enhances the look of our home and is a space I am really proud of.

img_1870To my husband’s dismay and with lots of help from my family, I had our new home set up within a couple of days. Every day I am thinking of finishing touches to add while I avoid cleaning the oven!

I am so excited to create special memories with my family in our new home – I feel like I am on a vacation every day! What they say is true, change really is as good as a holiday!


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