My Ancestry Search

I want to share my journey of how I managed to search my family history back to 1440 – an amazing achievement. This is my story of My Ancestry Search……

I first became interested in searching for My Ancestry after finding a photo of my Great Great Great Grandmother in my box of photos. I asked my Mum what did she know about her and this is when I decided to find out more about my family history. I was also aware my brother had been searching the Internet for our Ancestry and had signed up on the internet to

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I made the decision to follow the family history on my Mother’s side. With my Mum next to me on a sofa and with a pen and paper, I wrote all the information my Mum could remember including the names of partners and children. I then searched the Internet with the help of websites such as and which confirmed the information my Mum had given me.

I then checked this information with my brother and after a couple of minor changes we realised we had managed to search our family history to 1440. We also uncovered in our family history that we did once own quite a bit of land in England however this was not passed on to the next generation – not sure why!

While I was able to find my relatives, the information about them as a person is quite limited. With the introduction of the Internet and social media we are fortunate to gather more information to share with future generations. To quote my Mum, ‘I wonder what my Great Great Great Grandmother would think of her photo being posted on Facebook’. I like to think she would be thrilled to have her photo shared with my family and for future generations. I feel very fortunate to have found the photo of my Great Great Great Grandmother in my box of photos and I do believe my siblings looks like her!

How far back have you been able search for your Ancestry?


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