Spring Cleaning – Freezer Organisation

With Spring Time fast approaching, it is time to start Spring Cleaning our homes. Why not start with the freezer. Here is my freezer organisation method to get you inspired and motivated.

After being annoyed at having heavy frozen items fall on me every time I opened my freezer, I decided to try a different freezer organisation method. I found some baskets that I could store my freezer items in and easily pull them out to gain full access to the space in my freezer.



Here are the steps I took to organise my freezer:

1. Find some baskets that will fit in the freezer


2. Empty the freezer onto the bench top


3. Wipe down the freezer



4. Sort out the items and discard anything out of date or not required

5. Arrange items into the baskets


6. Place the baskets into the freezer




I’d love to see your organised freezer photos.

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