My Top 6 Favourite ALDI Products!!!!!!

As promised, here are my top 6 favourite Aldi products:

1. Almat Laundry Liquid


2. Anco Soft Fabric Softener


Not only do these laundry products have the best fragrances, but they are also great value for money. The laundry liquid is only $5.99 for 2L and comes in 3 fragrances. It is similar to the luxe style products you find in a conventional supermarket. The fabric softener is a bargain price at $2.79.

3. Westcliff 2L Juice Varieties


These long life juices come in a variety of flavours including Orange, Apple, Apple & Blackcurrant and Multi Vitamin. These products have no added sugar and are competitively priced at $1.89 each.

4. Elmsbury Spinach & Ricotta Triangle Tempters


These are very handy to keep in the freezer and pull out when you have visitors or to accompany dinner. A 12 pack is a bargain at a price of just $1.99.

5. Emporium Collection Danish Style Fetta Cheese (200gm)


I love to add this fetta cheese to my salads. It is also available in greek style and is a steal at just $2.59, a fraction of what you pay in a conventional supermarket.

6. Market Fare Frozen Broccoli Bake (800gm)


This will steal the show and is utterly delicious! You just empty the packet into an oven proof dish and bake – all the work is done for you. Also available is a potato bake, mediterranean vegetables and cauliflower bake. A Canstar award winner, these are a great accompaniment to any roast dish and are only $4.99 each.

Stay tuned for other great products in the future!


Products found in Aldi Australia stores and prices are as at 08-08-16.

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