A Busy Mum’s Skin Care Regime

Today I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! My 2 year old pointed out an enormous very sore pimple on my chin. It was the first time in his 2.5 years that he has seen a big sore on his mother’s face and he thought it was a crack up!

After a change in cleanser and a pretty stressful week, my poor face had broken out. This combined with extreme tiredness from the constant night time shenanigans of getting kids in and out of bed for a while now means I probably look as tired as I feel.

I have always been lucky enough to have great skin throughout my years. I achieved this without a skin care regime and with no effort, so I have never really had to worry about covering anything up. Since this outbreak, I am back to my combined foaming face wash and toner from would you believe – Aldi. I used to be a Clinique girl, but being on a tighter budget now, I have been really happy with the results of my new products.

So today I had the task of trying to cover up this big sore on my chin and I wanted to share my results using none other than BB cream, also from Aldi and my mineral powder makeup. I have been using mineral makeup since I had my youngest, 6 months ago. Coming in a powder, it is applied with a brush and is great for a few reasons:
– I no longer have a foundation ring around my face;
– I no longer have foundation that doesn’t look rubbed in;
– it matches my skin tone perfectly;
– it is light and fluffy to use; and
– it is super quick and easy to apply with great coverage!

With two small kids, I don’t have the time I used to spend on my face (up to an hour before kids). I am so glad I took my Mum’s advice and tried mineral makeup. To be honest, I think she was sick of rubbing the streaks out of my foundation. Check out the pic below (no filter) you can hardly see any impefections, and I didn’t even use any concealer. Mineral makeup is a must have in my makeup bag. Try it and see if you can get out the door faster with your kids. I am keen for my 2 year old to wake up from his nap now to see if he notices whether it has gone or not…I am happy to report it passed the test!


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