The Role of Role Play

I was a super proud mum this week watching my 2 year old and almost 6 month old play together for the first time!

I love watching my 2 year old role play. Here are some reasons why it is one of my favourite types of play:

  • Role play has taken on an important role in welcoming our second child into our family. Early on in preparing for the arrival of baby number 2, we introduced a baby doll for our first born to play with. He still enjoys playing with his doll, feeding the baby bottles and taking the baby for rides in the stroller. This was such an effective way to introduce the idea of having a new baby in our home, and I am certain it contributed to how gentle and nurturing my eldest son is with his baby brother.
  • My 2 year old likes to mimic jobs carried out around our home. This includes lawn mowing, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning! I enjoy when my son participates in these activities because it makes me feel like my son notices the pride we take in our home and he can also give a helping hand – sometimes willingly! He has his own cleaning caddy and toy Dyson so he can join in during cleaning time. Sometimes though, it is a battle for me to get the real mop from him!
  • For a year now, we have enjoyed watching our son play in his toy kitchen with his play food and pots and pans. We have had many hours of entertainment and often enjoy making toast and having teas parties.
  • The cutest role play activity of late has been our Melissa & Doug Hi Rise Wooden Dollhouse.┬áThere is nothing sweeter than watching him arrange his little family and their furniture around the house. He even parks a car in the garage and has the family ride the elevator to the top level!

I am so excited to watch my babies develop and even start to role play together! Hopefully they only mimic our positive attributes!

Do you have a favourite type of play?

image.pngI would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below.


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