The Activity Centre

My youngest baby is finally at an age (almost 6 months) where he can get maximum enjoyment out of his activity centre.

When my first born was 5 months old, we invested in a very good activity centre jam packed full of features called an Even-Flo Triple Fun Around The World Exersaucer. Ours has three stages from 4 months through to toddler.

Before we had children we had never had much interaction with an activity centre. This one has a 360 degree swivel chair in the centre so that the child can move around the activities. It also converts to a floor mat for use early on and an s shaped centre for children to walk around as toddlers.

Our first born was a master of all of these which he excelled in as he developed and over his time as a young baby, enjoyed hours of entertainment. With a variety of fine motor skills to develop from pushing light up buttons and making music to grabbing toys, he never tired of exploring what was on offer.

The stand has adjustable height markers so a child can be sat in the chair at the right level allowing them to grow with the activity centre. To commence your baby should only use for very brief periods, as they allow.

An alternative to a walker and designed to increase strength, we have never used this for extended periods of play. It should always be used under supervision and if your child enjoys it, this can provide a much welcomed break for any baby or parent who may need a free hand to quickly prepare some dinner or put on a load of washing!

It is very rewarding to watch your child’s development enhance through the activities over time as they master them! We get double the fun out of it now as my toddler plays on the outside showing my baby how to interact, playing together. My toddlers face still lights up as he hears the music!



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