My Top Tips for Getting Your House Ready for Sale

I have been absent of late as we have been preparing to move home! My time has been occupied getting our house ready for sale and so I thought I would share my top tips from my personal experience.

Here are my top  tips:

  1. Declutter – make your house feel as spacious as possible.image
  2. Remove the remnants of kids toys – keep the bare minimum out and pack away the rest. Keep out enough for people with kids to get the idea.image
  3. Depersonalise – you want people to be able to imagine themselves living in your house which is hard if your photos are hanging on the walls.
  4. Tidy up cupboards and drawers – buyers will open them.
  5. Use your best decor items – your house should look as show home as possible, or at least more like it did before you had kids.image
  6. Put your fluffy towels and nice soaps out in the bathroom – you want it to feel as luxurious as possible.image
  7. Keep a candle burning – or in my case an electric melt warmer – you want all of the potential buyers senses to be awakened.
  8. Buy some fresh flowers for the open house.
  9. Take those precious pooches out for the day, potential buyers don’t want to see your pets in your backyard or home.   image
  10. Keep it shining and polished – you never know when someone may come by for a viewing.

I am very proud of how my house looks on the market and cannot wait to decorate another home in the future.

Check out photos of my hard work on the listing.


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