Duplo for my Duo

When family and friends are stuck on a gift for my children, I often suggest Lego Duplo. Here’s why…

  • Duplo is a classic childrens toy that doesn’t date and gets better with age! My children now play with the Duplo my Mum put away from when my sister and I were kids some thirty years ago and not much has changed!
  • Lego in general is excellent for both childrens fine motor skills, as well as their imagination and creativity. I am astounded regularly by my 2 year old’s ability to create the most amazing things with Duplo from buildings and towers to cars and trains. There is just no limit to what he can manipulate with the pieces without any assistance from me.
  • Duplo is perfect for young toddlers as the pieces are a great size. You can also collect a variety of different themed pieces. Some Duplo sets may appear pricey, but it really is a toy for all ages, is gender neutral and stands the test of time to pass on through generations!

Don’t forget when playing with Lego that kids love to tip out the whole box at once, don’t like to put it away and you may find blocks all around the house in the strangest places. Also be prepared to step on it if the lights are off!

I have given up trying to make the pictures on the box for him and no, I am definitely  not one of those parents who glue it together! I love the hours of entertainment we can expect into the future with both my kids and I am so excited to see what they can create together when baby is old enough!



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