No Wires to Cross

I had one of those scary moments last week where my phone battery went flat and wouldn’t charge.

This was a heart stopping moment for me as my phone is full of photos of my children and not backed up! I am a little bit ignorant when it comes to backing up to the cloud or a hard drive, and even whilst writing this I still haven’t backed up everything!

After a sleepless night, trying a lot of charging cords and usb chargers, Google searches and a visit to the phone shop, it turned out the charging port on my phone was broken.

The shop was however able to charge my phone on something super impressive, which I didn’t know even existed…. a wireless charger! This device connects to your regular charger and you simply place your phone on top to charge with no wires.

While my phone breaking was a major inconvenience (which I still need to get fixed), it was good to discover a new form of technology which will add some convenience to every day life, and is another cord I don’t have worry about.

Best of all, it enabled me to charge my broken device and access my photos until I can part with my phone for long enough to get it fixed. Now I know what to get my Dad (who has everything – except this) on the next special occasion.

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