Yoga with my Yogi Bear! Mums and Bubs Yoga – the latest trend

To celebrate the launch of my friend opening her new Health, Fitness and Dance Centre, Body Classique,  a group of girlfriends and I got together for a class of Mums and Bubs Yoga last week!

If you haven’t heard of Mums and Bubs or Baby Yoga before, it is all about gently stimulating the muscles for the baby and gently reigniting the muscles for the Mum after birth to promote calmness and balance. It also promotes bonding between mum and bub. Yoga seems to be all the rage at the moment.

imageAfter spending most of my time sitting on an armchair feeding my baby since he was born, I was definitely in need of a good stretch so this was right up my ally!

We all managed to get to the studio for our session with our gorgeous bubs, an achievement in its own right as getting out of the house isn’t easy with kids. What we didn’t expect was for this beautiful Autumn day having different plans for us. After a minor delay in accessing our space in the building, we opted for Plan B and spontaneously headed to the nearest park to do our yoga session.

Lucky we have a studio handy for those cooler winter days on the way, but I think everyone would agree, Mums and Bubs Yoga at the park was amazing! The weather was perfect, as were the babies. It did wonders for my sore body and I can’t wait to give it a go again next week. I missed the opportunity to do this with my first born, but sure have made up for it. I got to bond with my baby, exercise and also practice some baby massage too! We both thoroughly enjoyed it…a squat or a push up has never been more motivating than when you get to look into your babies eyes and give them a kiss on the other end!

As you can see, my little man was as cuddly as our instructor’s demonstrator teddybear. We had the most fun at the end of the session when our instructor traded her teddy for my little Yogi Bear!


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