Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

I was very lucky and managed to avoid my first born getting sick in his first two years. Since he has turned 2, he seems to be giving me a real run for my money in the sick department. This combined with a close age gap and a second born who wants ‘their Mum and only their Mum’ (at all times) has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve realised there is no feeling more helpless for me as a Mum of two than not being able to comfort my big baby because my little baby needs me (or vice versa). Sometimes I wish I could just hug them both at the same time! If only it were that easy.

Having a child under the weather can be tough for the whole family, especially when you are trying not to share germs with your new baby. Sharing is caring… the illness before last, Nanny helped us out and was then struck down with the dreaded virus herself! That gave us an idea of just how horrible the poor toddler had been feeling a few days before! Let’s face it, at the moment we are all sick and tired of being sick and tired!

On nights like tonight, when both my babies are crying and I can only be with one baby at a time, it feels like the night is never going to end! But as a Mum, you soldier on and somehow survive on almost no sleep… because that is just what the job of a parent entails. At least I don’t have to front the office tomorrow and can do my job in my pjs (because lets face it we aren’t going to be able to manage a shower anyway)!

When your kids are sick you can almost forget about catching up with friends and their kids, as the vicious circle of illness spreads even further! I hope I see my best friend before the end of winter as with three kids in the mix, we seem to share a virtual friendship of late!

For the sake of all Mums (and Dads) out there, working and stay at home, I hope this cold and flu season is kind to your families. And when your baby or babies are crying or husband or wife even, and you want to cry… don’t be afraid to admit that this is one of the less glamourous sides of being a parent. If you think it sucks, it probably does. After all when I am sick, even at almost 30, I still only want my Mum.


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