Guest Post – Tasmania – five reasons why it’s the lucky state!

In January this year, G and I spent 11 glorious days traversing Tasmania’s countryside in every compass direction, and learnt that Tasmanians are a lucky bunch! Here’s five reasons why…

Beautiful Coles Bay, Tasmania

1. Natural beauty

You may have heard that Tasmania is a beautiful place but it’s only when you travel there and explore outside the cities, that you really do encounter some of the most picturesque landscape that you will see! We flew into Hobart and drove our hire car down to the ‘End of the Road’ at Cockles Creek. Enroute to Strahan we detoured down to the Styx Valley to see the Worlds largest Huon Pines, drove to Lake St Clair, taking in the Franklin and Gordon Rivers, and the Tarkine. We then took off around to the Bay of Fires, stopping in at the uniquely luminous Frecinet National Park along the way back to Hobart.

2. Fresh air

Before our trip, I heard that Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world, but you really do have to breathe it to believe it!

3. Less traffic

7.30am Collins Street, Hobart = 7 cars.

7.30am Collins Street, Melbourne = 35 cars.

G and I drove over 2,500 kilometres on our Summer trip in and around Tassie (as us ‘mainlanders’ call it!) and found that in peak Tasmanian tourist season, we never had more than five cars in front of us, and only on two occasions!

4. A tourist trail for everyone!

Tasmania really has something for everyone, and as we toured around, we saw various specially signposted routes we could take. From the Food and Wine trail in the north-east of the state, to the Artists trail, Hikers tour, Gardens trail, 4wheel drive tracks – you name it! All intersting and worth investigating!

5. Slow down and reconnect with what’s important

Tasmanians get the best of both worlds – they have all the major service providers and multi nationals that you see elsewhere in Australia, but the pace of life in Tasmania is noticeably more relaxed than our home state, and that’s gotta be a good thing – right? Maybe it was our blissedout holiday attitude, but I swear that this was helped along by the fact that there was less noise and fewer people than we were used to. This all meant that we could hear ourselves think, while enjoying peace and serenity – even in the heart of the capital city!

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