Loyalty Card Overload ~ A Perfect Solution

Are you like me and have a ton of Loyalty Cards for all your favourite stores. I had to buy a card wallet for all of mine and I still didn’t have enough space in it to hold all of them!

I also got sick of lugging them around just in case I might need them or not having them on me when I went to a store, and having to give all of my contact details over for the store to locate me in their system.

Well I’ve heard there is an App for everything and so I started looking in the App Store on my iPhone one day and discovered that there were indeed a few Apps to solve this problem.

The App I chose to download was Stocard. Once I downloaded it, it was so easy. All I had to do was select the type of card from the list and hold my phone’s camera over the member number barcode of the loyalty card. The App did the rest!

So now I leave all of my Loyalty Cards at home. All I need to do when I am out is bring up the App on my phone, select the store from my list of cards and ask the salesperson to scan the barcode on my phone. If for some reason they can’t scan it, the card number can always be keyed in.




2 responses to “Loyalty Card Overload ~ A Perfect Solution”

  1. Thank you Sharing Lifestyles for this wonderful post and bringing to my attention this App. I have already downloaded it and will definitely share this idea with my family and friends.


  2. This is a great idea. I am already using it and it is so much easier than filling your wallet with bulky loyalty cards. It is also very easy to use!!


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