Flower Enthusiast

From a young age I had a keen interest in flowers. I remember both my Mum and Aunty’s  garden always brimming with beautiful flowers. Now that I am older, I am lucky to be working in the horticulture industry and, although not qualified, I find the internet a great source of information. If you are new to gardening or have just purchased a new home and would like to know the best way to start a garden, my best advice to share is what my mother always told me ‘just take a cutting and shove it in a pot with good soil and see if it grows’.

There is a bit more to ‘just taking a cutting’. A cutting at an early stage needs to be planted in a small to medium pot, positioned in good sunlight preferably the morning sun and watered regularly.

Here are my top 4 favourite plants with most of them grown in my garden from a cutting:

  • Frangipani – A beautiful summer plant and the flowers make a great hair piece!


  • Rose – I like to cut my flowering roses and place them in vases throughout my home.


  • Lavender – I like to dry my lavender and use the dried herbs for room fragrances, bath relaxant and air sprays.


  • Daphne – The fragrance from a daphne in flower in the garden in winter is exquisite and I wish I could make it last all year!



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