10 Hacks for Holidaying with Kids!

Check out my 10 Hacks for Holidaying with Kids!

1. Be brave! Don’t be afraid to have a break!

You are essentially parenting from a different location so it isn’t about how far you go! Check out holiday destinations you can drive to in your state. You would be surprised what is waiting to be explored closer to your home than you think!

2. Stay in a holiday park

Holiday parks are equipped with everything you need for young children and you don’t even need to leave the park. We recently stayed in a brand new cabin, which was nicer than some hotels, and was equipped with kid friendly pools, waterslide, waterpark, jumping pillows, bikes, a game arcade and play equipment.

3. Make sure your accommodation has amenities for a family

Staying in accommodation with a kitchenette with microwave or even laundrette comes in incredibly handy when on holidays with your family.

4. Save money by doing a grocery shop when you arrive

Buying snacks, drinks and eating breakfast in your room is a healthy option and not only saves money, but limits the amount of meals you need to eat out.

5. Make the most of eating spots in your accommodation

A courtyard, balcony or deck is a great place to eat some take out. You don’t need to eat in a restaurant to have an enjoyable time. It makes for a more relaxed meal and saves lugging the kids around!


6. Pack a few toys for your kids to play with in the room

A few toys from home may distract your kids from playing with things they aren’t supposed to touch! Don’t forget to do a quick child proof check, making sure knives are out of reach in kitchens, door handles can’t be opened and power points and batteries can’t be reached!

7. Research local attractions and playgrounds located at your destination

You will find that there are many playgrounds near holiday areas. These are great for your kids to explore the outdoors and are usually accompanied by a lunch kiosk. If the weather is poor,  you can always go to an indoor play land.

8. Request a complimentary late check out at your accomodation where possible

It takes longer to pack your bags and the kids into the car than you think!

9. Check if the pool is heated

Swimming isn’t just for summer, but most places don’t provide towels so you may need to pack them.

10. Don’t overpack

I am guilty of this every time (see below)! There will be shops, so if you forget something you can buy it!


Holidays are more about our kids now, but in my experience that just makes them more fun!


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