Life Is Crazy….. Because It Is – Part Three Thrown in the Deep End

Now that my big boy is 2, we are now participating in some ‘bigger boy’ activities. This has included graduating from Mum and Dad swimming lessons to group swimming lessons.

We used to go to swimming every Saturday morning which started as sort of a Mum/Dad child bonding activity. Mum would help Dad get organised and they would join the other parents for some nursery rhymes and singing the ‘babies in the pool go Splash! Splash! Splash!’. After about 6 months Dad became a tad bored and my son turned 2 years old. This meant we had to move up to the Tadpole class and start wearing a swimming cap! Now there was no more swimming for Mum and Dad, which was a relief because the novelty had worn off and the weather was starting to cool down!

Surprisingly, it is actually a very emotional time for a Mum having their baby swim without them (I think some of my Mum friends are going through the same thing)! I wasn’t really prepared, but my son has cried during the entire lesson for the last three weeks. Apparently this is all normal and all part of the separation anxiety involved when you go from having Mum or Dad in the water to going solo with your teacher.

This week will be our fourth week and I plan to take him a bit earlier so he can watch the other kids in the pool before he gets in. I am very grateful to our patient teacher who despite all the tears manages to get a hi five at the end of the lesson (which proves it isn’t all that bad)!

Every Wednesday I think he well and truly believes that I have chucked him in the deep end, but it is an important milestone for both of us in building confidence and independence in my now 2 year old, as well as learning to swim of course!  On the plus side, we also get our Saturday mornings back!


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