Life Is Crazy….. Because It Is – Part Two There Is No Right Answer

I coasted through the latter part of my 20 something years of life schooled with everything having a ‘correct’ or a right answer. Having this logic applied to a uni degree and then a corporate job, this was all turned upside when I had kids. Suddenly I went from life sort of having a manual and some order to majorly fluking it!

I now have the experience with two children to know every baby is different, every day will be different and even though something might happen once i.e. sleep through the night (or a couple of hours even) or eating something that doesn’t resemble a chicken nugget, that it by no means will be likely to happen again and probably isn’t a routine!

Two years ago, when I brought my first baby home, every time something significant happened I remember thinking “does that mean he is going to start doing this now?” i.e. napping for longer than 4 hours. The answer in my experience is probably no. Everyday will be different and they will do what they want to do. It took me a while to adjust to this after being so orderly in my work and home routine and always knowing what to expect vs the unknown.

Then things get even more interesting when you start to venture out of your bubble and talk to anyone really as everyone has some level of experience when dealing with kids. So you go from fluking it, to then fluking it with an even greater sense of doubt!

Basically there is no correct answer or right way. There can also be no logic to some of the things your baby does. Mine had wind for last month – now he doesn’t! What’s next???….Who knows? My toddler also used to eat cucumber – now he doesn’t. Go figure!

I suppose I’ve learnt having kids isn’t like when I went to uni or work. I’m not going to get close to full marks and I’m not always going to know what to expect like I did in my job most of the time. There isn’t a textbook, instructions or a manual and there is no right answer to any question. I am glad I now have the foresight to know that all of these things are okay because everyone’s experience is different in raising their family.


One response to “Life Is Crazy….. Because It Is – Part Two There Is No Right Answer”

  1. No one said life would be easy but no one said it would be this hard 😦


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