Life Is Crazy….. Because It Is – Part One The First Obstacle

I am a Mum of a 2 year old and a 3 month old. Until my latest epiphany, I had been carrying along as though life with two young children was no different than it was with one child. But you know what – it is!

One of the main differences that stands out lately was realised when spending time with my close friends who each have only one small child. Meeting at the shops for coffee or lunch was obviously a lot easier when I had just the one child to worry about! Now I’ve turned into “that Mum”, the Mum that everyone looks at in the shops and thinks “what was she thinking?” -either that or “her kids are so cute” – I doubt it’s the latter.

So back to the topic at hand. In order to meet my friends for lunch, I pack a bag with the kitchen sink of things I think we may need for both a baby and a toddler including electronic devices, books, toys, teddy bears, snacks and drinks. The reality of the situation is when the child can’t be entertained anymore by non-electronic devices and realises there is no wifi to power youtube on the iPad to watch kids unwrapping kinder surprise eggs, the educational fisher price apps are out the window! Then in an attempt to keep them occupied the smart phone is handed over to play their favourite nursery rhymes whilst unbeknown your 2 year old is facetiming your work colleague who has just overhead your entire conversation!

So to the fun part – where we have lunch. Where do you go for lunch when you have 2 single prams and a double? Well not the trendy burger joint that just opened up which has no room for one let alone 3 prams! We end up next door at the empty noodle house looking over at the cool lunchtime hangout, talking about how one day we might get to go there without our kids. There was a plus to eating at the empty restaurant, which was getting our meals super quick!  So eating noodles whilst holding your crying 3 month old is fun – not! But at least people aren’t staring at me like last time I went out – well to be honest there wasn’t anyone else there to stare at me!

So back to the car we walk pushing my enormous double pram (which I genuinely love), my best friend thinks it looks ridiculous and my other friend said it looked like a car! Well it sort of does, but I love it! It carried my toddler and my Mimco baby bag nicely as I pushed it through the shops carrying my windy 3 month old. Waiting for and even fitting in the lift to go up to the next level is a whole other story for another day! So back to my parents with prams parking spot we go to try and calm a crying baby, wrestle my two year old into his car seat who wants to sit in the front and drive away.

Life is crazy, because it is. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but next time I think we will either stay home or have meet for lunch at McDonalds!


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