Make room for your Boon!

It wasn’t until my little boy was 9 months old that I discovered the Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack. Where had it been all this time?

Most Mum’s can relate to washing and drying bottles everyday. The Boon Drying Racks and accessories bring some excitement and colour to this very repetitive and monotonous task. The Drying Racks are designed to represent real blades of grass and allow your bottles to dry quickly. They sit neatly on your countertop and comes in a variety of sizes – Patch, Grass and Lawn. If you have only a few bottles to work with like I did, the Boon Patch is the perfect size and fits well on a window sill or in front of the sink. If you have many bottles or wash them all at once, the larger Boon Lawn has plenty of room.

Not only can you use the Patch, Grass or Lawn to dry your bottles but Boon also makes a variety of accessories, sold separately, for you to create your very own Boon garden based on your individual needs. These include the Stem, Twig and Fly drying racks. They are slimline and fit into your blades of grass creating an additional layer above to dry dummies, bottle teats, nipple shields or whatever you fancy, while still leaving enough room for bottles!

imageMore recently I discovered the Boon Forb Slicone Bottle Brush, which has now replaced my traditional bottle brush. Sitting upright in a pretty flower design and cute vase for the countertop, the soft silicon petals efficiently clean bottles and teats effortlessly in all of those hard to reach places!

I love how the Boon drying products are hygenic, low maintenance and dishwasher safe (in the top shelf) for easy cleaning and the silicon is mould and mildew free. I also love the innovative contemporary design of my Boon products, the cheerful colours and how I have been able to customise them to fit in with the colour scheme of my kitchen, while still serving an important function.

The Boon Drying Racks and Accessories don’t have to be limited to baby bottles – they are also great for drink bottles. Check out the other cool products from Boon for bath, meal and play times! Available at ToysRUs, Big W or a baby store near you. I know my Boon garden will take pride of place in my kitchen for many years to come and best of all it doesn’t even need watering!


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