ALDI Has No… Gluten Free Corn Flakes Review


Whether you like your corn flakes crispy or soggy, the ALDI Has No… Gluten Free Corn Flakes are a great choice if you are looking for a Gluten Free corn flake. Not only are these corn flakes a great price but the taste is almost the same as a corn flake containing gluten.

A favourite way to serve them is to add some fresh fruit and yoghurt on top, making it a great healthy and Gluten Free breakfast to start the day.


2 responses to “ALDI Has No… Gluten Free Corn Flakes Review”

  1. Most of good corn flakes are gluten free, you just have to read the ingredients carefully 🙂 I don’t know from which country is this one, but to be honest I’ve never seen this line of Aldi products in its country of origin, namely Germany.


    1. Thanks for your feedback!
      These gluten free cornflakes are sold in Australian Aldi stores.


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