It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To!

The idea of having a birthday party at home can be daunting, however, I am pleased to say that the party I hosted for my Son’s 2nd Birthday over the weekend was a huge success!

After an elaborate 1st Birthday just a year ago, for which I employed the help of a party styler to bring my Teddy Bear’s Picnic theme to life, the bar had been set high. This year I chose a Koala theme for birthday number 2. With the help of Pinterest, I found  some cute Koala ideas to use for a party at home. Rather than go crazy and over the top (like I usually do), I decided to have one dedicated area in the house to decorate. This was the cake table, and might I add that the Koala Cake from last week’s post was a huge hit!


The cake table included some lovely treats including:

  • Koalas in Cars – a spin on the traditional teddy bears in cars.


This is very tediously achieved with a Milky Way bar, some Smarties for wheels and a steering wheel and some biscuits from the supermarket. My son was caught trying to sneak these so it was well worth the effort!

  • Koalas in Swimming Pools


Created with some cute cups of blue jelly and Caramello Koala’s with a cute flag.

  • Koala Cupcakes


Pinterest helped me find a cute koala cupcake. I used some black food colouring sparingly along with some marshmallows for ears, currants for eyes and black jelly bean noses! Might I add, rather than buy a few packets of mixed jelly beans (like I did) to scrounge up the black ones, check out your local chemist that sells them by the bag!


I used a print of the image from our party invitation of some animals with instruments and incorporated these as decorations on my cake table. Here a drum was used as a stand, while a guitar, a recorder and some maracas were there for fun! We already had these items, purchased from CottonOn Kids at Christmas.

My main form of decoration was a simple bunting and some balloon bouquets. My son is the perfect age to appreciate these! I ensured my party theme and decorations matched the decor of my home, which made it easy for my home to feel in keeping with the party. We used both indoor areas and the alfresco for the party, with a blow up pool and slide, water table and some outdoor toys enjoyed by the kids!


For party food we ordered pizza from Crust Pizza, which was very popular, and by having our guests full we were able to enjoy the party rather than worry about snacks. A bucket and some ice also meant cans of drink were easy to find and we were able to avoid using cups. Each child had a lunch pack prepared with some snacks and a drink.


We made a fun Koala sign for our guests to enjoy with the hashtag #koalafied2party and koalas were hidden in secret places throughout our home for our guests to find. A fun day was had by all with the help of Pinterest, 14 koalas, Crust Pizza, my lovely Mum who helped me create the sweet treats and of course my gorgeous 2 year old who had an absolute ball!


There was no crying at this party!!!


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