ALDI Has No… Gluten Free Biscuit Review

You don’t have to give up biscuits just because you give up gluten.

There are 2 types of scrumptious Gluten Free biscuits available at ALDI:

  • White Chocolate & Mixed Berry Macaroons

The White Chocolate & Mixed Berry Macaroons are sweet coconut biscuits with just the right amount of berry. One biscuit just won’t be enough.

  • Triple Chocolate Biscuits

The Triple Chocolate Biscuits have a very yummy chocolate flavour. They are slightly crunchy and have a good amount of dark and white chocolate chips.





2 responses to “ALDI Has No… Gluten Free Biscuit Review”

  1. Oh yum. Guess I better stop at Aldi on the way home today. I had no idea they carried all these goodies!


    1. Hi Kathy,
      Keep a look out for more of my Aldi reviews of some more of their goodies in the coming weeks!

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