5 Reasons to Hike Diamond Head State Monument, Hawaii

A visit to Hawaii is not complete without a hike to Diamond Head.

On my recent trip to Hawaii I hiked Diamond Head State Monument. My journey started on the Number 23 bus. The bus took me to the start of the hike to the Diamond Head State Monument. The return hike took about 2 hours and if you are like me, you will take the opportunity to catch a taxi back to your hotel from the bottom of Diamond Head.

Here are my 5 reasons to hike Diamond Head State Monument, Hawaii:

1. The Urge to hike Diamond Head and to see the view behind the mountain 

After spending time at the beach and lazing by the pool, I found myself looking at the beautiful Diamond Head and feeling the overwhelming urge to hike to the top.image

2. Diamond Head is a beautiful place to take the perfect photo shot of Waikiki

The desire to take the perfect aerial photo shot of Waikiki was the incentive to hike Diamond Head. I believe the photos taken from the top of Diamond Head are truly worth the two hour hike.


3. The people you meet along the hike

As a major tourist attraction, the hike was certainly busy with locals and tourists alike. Rumour has it some of the locals hike it daily to keep fit. At times during the hike when the path narrowed, there was not much room between the person in front and the person behind.

While hiking up to the top I did notice a lot of people smiling and making a lot of comments ‘that it is just around the corner’. I understood the smiling on my descent as you know how much further the hikers have to travel to reach the top.

During my hike I was fortunate to meet other international travellers who shared our enthusiasm to hike Diamond Head to take the photo.


4. Aerial view of the surrounds at Diamond Head

I found the hike to be rather picturesque with sweeping views of the mountains and the ocean. The aerial view certainly gave me a good understanding of the Island and it inspired me to see more of this truly unique place.


5. Sense of accomplishment

Every time I see a photo of Diamond Head I am still grateful to have achieved the hike and taken the photo. My advice for the hike is to make sure you take plenty of water, good walking shoes and most importantly enjoy the experience.



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