Kambrook Blitz2Go Product Review

A few months ago I purchased my Kambrook Blitz2Go after E recommended it to me and since then it has been a well used appliance in my kitchen.

imageWe use our Kambrook Blitz2Go to create different drinks which are not only tasty but healthy. A Kambrook Blitz2Go creates a unique taste with every use by pulsing fruit, vegetables and liquid.

Any fruit and vegetables from the fridge or freezer can be added to your drinks. One of my favourites is to add coconut milk, coconut water and a tablespoon of banana flour to any fruit I find in my fridge or freezer.

imageI also love the drink bottle lids that come with the Kambrook Blitz2Go. All I have to do is unscrew the blade attachment and screw on the drink bottle lid and off I go with my yummy drink in hand.

I like to make a large batch and freeze the remainder in icy pole moulds in the freezer and look forward to bringing you some of my favourite recipes soon.


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